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    Re: Essential Bourbons

    My current arsenal:

    Pappy 15/107
    GT Stagg (newest)
    William Larue Weller (newest)
    Van Winkle Lot B
    all with around three inches left in the bottle :-(

    Elmer T Lee
    Eagle Rare SB
    Weller Antique 107

    And...I'm working a lead for a bottle of Very Very Old Fitgerald (distilled in 1953 and bottled in 1965) with presentation case and glasses.

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    Re: Essential Bourbons

    Bourbons I would consider must haves:

    Pappy 23 (only for myself & VERY dear friends!)
    BMH 14
    Weller 12
    Maker's (to keep on hand for the less-discriminating visitors)
    Mmm, dat's good!
    Pappy's Friend



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