This is one of my favorites, and easily my favorite of those that suit my wallet well enough to always have on hand. Never disappoints, and the predominate sensation is usually clean, upfront, spiciness. Sometimes sweet corn makes itself known, sometimes an earthy rye taste (like last night - I'd had an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie about an hour before), and I can usually find either if I try. But a spicy twang is always there, and never any harshness. Not really a long finisher, although the tingle endures, but a terrific bourbon that all should try, if available.

It's been my backpacking bourbon for a while (I'm not toting 80 proof on my back) and is still good cut with water from the tap or freshly filtered from a trout stream. But I usually drink it neat, and most are suprised that it's 114.

Sadly, I can't say if Beam is doing a particularly good job of matching the older ND profile, which some have described as fruitier. In my first, shorter, bourbon phase in the early '80s, most friends were WT drinkers; one guy was a OGD man, esp. the 114, but I didn't like him much. My only memory of the drink in that time is spiciness. But even if it's a little departure from history, it's good.