I have a 200ml bottle of OGD114 made by ND.
One nice thing is that it does not have a cork, so all 200ml's should be OK.

It says on the label, "...it's bottled straight from the barrel." Lot No. 2
The original single barrel?

I am looking forward to trying it and comparing it to Beam's version.
Last night I had a couple of 86proofs at a bar on ice, as I have stated before, OGD 86 is my favorite low proof pour.
Also I am looking forward to a Booker's, if what has been stated here is true, that being Beam's whiskey is better at higher proofs, then Booker's must be, ah, let's say, worth the trip.

As far as Knob Creek goes, everytime I have one I say to myself, "Is this really a Beam whiskey?"
I really like it.