Intrigued by Chuck's information that contrary to the understanding of many bourbon aficionados Southern Comfort in fact contains bourbon (or some bourbon) I bought a bottle to try out the current version.

I don't know whether I am being suggestible but it really did seem different from what I recall from 5-10 years ago: drier, more elegant, less sweet, and yes, more whiskey-like. If it has been made with bourbon over this period it goes to show I guess how we can all be fooled by the power of suggestion (since I always considered it as a fruity vodka in the past), but I wonder if it has really changed, and recently.

In any case, I find it a very nice drink.

I added a dash of my own blended bourbon mixture to dry it down further and in this form one obtains an American Rusty Nail.

There is mileage in Southern Comfort yet and while I still prefer the export-only Reserve version (which advertises the use of 6 year old bourbon) the regular Southern Comfort is no slouch by any means and can easily be tweaked for those who find it too sweet or not whiskey-like enough.