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    Wathen's Source?

    I like Wathen's Bourbon quite a bit and have been following its twisty tale for the last couple of years, especially the provenance of the whiskey in the bottles.

    There has, of course, been speculation that it was Glenmore stock purchased by Charles Medley at the time of the sale of Glenmore to United Distillers (John Lipman mistakenly says National) and then to Barton:
    Yes, he's the same Charles Wathen Medley who used to be the master distiller at Glenmore. According to what he told us, it's a classic case of follow-the-twisty-trail-of-who-owns-what in the bourbon business. [United] Distillers bought out Glenmore. Then Barton Brands bought the distillery property and the brands from [United]. But they didn't buy the existing stock. Well, National didn't want the existing stock, either, so Charlie bought it and moved it across town (Owensboro) to one of the warehouses at his family's old abandoned distillery. So now the Charles W. Medley Distilling Company, which doesn't actually do any distilling, and probably doesn't have the yeast or the rights to the formula either, owns a warehouse full of barrels of fine whiskey which Charles Medley actually made. Pretty cool, huh?
    There was also a refutation of that sourcing by Sam Medley here:
    "Tim -
    Wathen's Kentucky Bourbon is not, nor has been, from Yellowstone/Glenmore distilleries. I do not know of any brand to direct you to if you are seeking product from that distillery.
    So, how does one make sense of these conflicting statements?

    Out of pure speculation, I wonder if the Ben Medley Distillery, in the vicinity of Owensboro, discussed herecould have been the source. I imagine that the "warehouses at (Charles Medley's) family's old abandoned distillery" that Lipman speaks of could refer to the Ben Medley Distillery. Chuck Cowdery references Ben Medley Distillery being in production at least as late as 1992 in this quote I am referencing from Doug's post (I don't know the original attribution)
    The Ben Medley Distillery Co. is still on record as having 51 barrels of aging bourbon, made in 1992, in its warehouse in Stanley, KY... - chuck
    (Note: the distillery contained 1992 product, but the site of distillation is not explicitly called out).

    BourbonJoe, in this post implies he has talked with the Medley's in the early 2000's and was told the stock was 10 years old:
    There is no age statement on the bottle, but if you contact the distillery they will tell you that it is 10 years old.
    Since 2002 is 10 years after the 1992 date that Chuck tells us the Ben Medley Distillery product had in it, I posit that production from Ben Medley Distillery _could possibly_ be the source of Wathen's. The 1992 whiskey could also be stock brought from Glenmore at the sale...

    Can anyone shed more light on this? All I have is conjecture.

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