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    Re: Wathen's Source?

    All would be well if if if if if..........
    No way to get the older Wathens and the 2 Ezra B?
    You can consider the Ezra B an investment if you don't favor the taste, ever since they broke the age to 12 years, one cannot have too much of the 15.
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    Lightbulb Re: Wathen's Source?

    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyc View Post
    All would be well if if if if if..........
    No way to get the older Wathens and the 2 Ezra B?
    You've read my mind - I am working on it. As for the Eagle SB, I can pass on that easily in favor of these others. FWIW, just about anywhere I have gone in Tennessee, I have had to pay $26.99 & up + tax for Eagle Rare SB. So, $19.99 is a great deal in my geo-radius for it. I wish that was the normal price around here. I have found the private store barrels of Eagle to be wonderful and they all tell me it is 12YO and older. For those who have commented in this thread that pay $20 for it, I would stock up! I think the popularity is growing and just a matter of time before there is a price jump IMHO. Thanks!

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    Re: Wathen's Source?

    Any chance you'd be willing to ship what you don't buy for yourself? See my PM....

    But I'd say from what I've read about it the 15yo Ezra is a must try while/if you can still find it!

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    Re: Wathen's Source?

    I fall on the other side of the equation regarding Ezra B 15yo as I find it way too woody to my tastes. So I did what any good, upstanding SB'er would do with unwanted bourbons.......I sent it to another SB'er who likes it. In this case, it went to Dave (AKA Bluesbassdad). This one just didn't do it for me and needed a loving home.

    Those ER SB 10yrs are good, easy to drink whiskey and are running about 14yo as I recall (told by BT during the Sept Fest).


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    Re: Wathen's Source?

    When faced by a dilemna of this magnitude I ask myself, "Self which bottle is likely to still be here when I come back and which can I probably find somewhere else?" I've seen few Ezra 15s compared to the 12s so what I would do is this: buy the Ezra 15, and either ask the owner if they will allow you to put the elder Wathens on layaway for a later purchase or else hide it behind the newer in hopes that the next Wathens buyer won't notice before you can return to reclaim the bottle. While you might have to pay a bit more for the ER, you know that you CAN get it when you want it.
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