OK Folks

It is simple enough. Just what is your favorite bourbon? Take it down any way you like. Screen it. Segregate it any way you'd like to. You've only got one choice. What is it?

My choice for the verrry best bourbon on the planet is and remains to this very day Wild Turkey Kentuckey Spirit - dumped on 11-12-98 from barrel Number One stored in rickhouse E on rick number 2.

I said it. It's the truth. You can believe it.

Now you tell me - What's the very best bourbon you've ever tasted? No hemmin' or hawin'. One bottling and one bottling only. What is it? You've got one shot and one shot only.

What is it? Any distillery. Any brand. Any Year. Any proof. Have at it.

Your Great Grand Ma wears Army Boots!

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.