This thread is slightly off the mark so feel free to kick it out if it doesn't meet the criteria. Marketing is a huge industry and I have read hundreds of comments on describing your favorite pour. Any one who uses the wisdom behind would not be swayed by the bottle but my question to you is what was your favorite container or presentation of a bottle or your worst or if your expectations of the contents were fulfilled or not. I would love to hear what you have to say.

I'd give Blanton's a thumbs up, very unique. Kid wants the horse.
MM bottle, lable and red wax seal are great if you overlook the screw cap on there flagship bottle.
ETL has a great bottle.
I love the Pappy labels on the straight 20 and 23 bottle. Very old-timey.
I wish that AHH16 stayed with a wax seal..I don't like foil...actually I'd drink it from an old sneaker if that's the way they wanted to package it. If it were not for I would have overlooked the inert looking bottle completely in the store instead of searching for one (another one).
Thanks Scott