Well, here's one man's take (who's tried them all) (NOTE: highly personalized opinions follow. They need not match yours.):
  • GTS -- Very rich, versatile bourbon; dilute it/mix it, and you reduce the cost quite a bit -- think three bottles for the price of two. If you're going to enjoy it neat, do it a la BT's Ken Weber: pour it deep and enjoy it over an hour or more, noting the changes;
  • Blanton's -- Okay bourbon, but pretty expensive okay bourbon. Doesn't really satisfy my tastes;
  • Booker's -- Like Stagg, I find I enjoy it most diluted a bit; unlike Stagg, I don't find much reason to enjoy it full-strength;
  • Eagle Rare 17 -- can be outstanding (the rare 2004), or quite good (the current 2006); also can be an acquired taste (the 2005, which really needs aeration to tamp down the wood);
  • Pappy Van Winkle 15 -- my only criticism here is that I wish it could still be the old ORVW 15/107; only going to be Stitzel-Weller for another couple of years;
  • Rock Hill Farms -- I find the first taste of a pour exceptional, then succeeding tastes disappointing;
  • Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit -- almost always stellar; some of the early issues (pewter topped, different label) among the best bourbons I've had;
  • William Larue Weller -- the 2005 was among my greatest bourbon disappointments; the 2006, which I almost didn't buy because of my previous disappointment, is one of the pleasantest surprises.