<html>Proof: 94 Proof
Price: $26 for 750ml @ Chuck's Wine & Spirits, Bowling Green, KY
Distiller: Jack Daniel's Distillery, Lynchburg, TN. Brown-Forman Corporation. Master Distiller, Jimmy Bedford
Mashbill: 80% corn, 12% barley, 8% rye
Age: No age statement. Barrels, approximately 6 yrs. old, are selected from the top levels of the warehouse where they experience the greatest fluctuation in temperature.
Bottle: short, square, attractive decanter style bottle with raised glass signature of Jack Daniel and nice wood-topped cork. Each bottle is labeled with its specific rick #, barrel #, and bottling date. A necktag booklet defining single barrel whiskey also comes standard.
Other versions: Jack Daniel's also bottles a 100 proof version of Single Barrel called 'Silver Select' which is available only in Duty Free markets. Michael Osborne Design of San Francisco designed the packaging for Silver Select which is notable as the first time Jack Daniel's has used an outside firm for package design.
Color: Dark, mahogany amber
Body: Swirl this whiskey in the glass and thick tendrils form that seem to defy gravity.
Nose: Distinctive Tennessee Whiskey smokiness paired with a healthy dose of vanilla and a buttery-caramel sweetness. Reminds me of fresh, warm, homemade chess pie.
Taste: This is a rich, after-dinner style whiskey. Smokiness is nicely balanced with sweetness and barrel tones. The sweetness is displayed in terms of vanilla toffee, butterscotch, toasted marshmallow, and a rich caramel flan...a true tribute to the effects of charcoal leaching. They don't call it sugar maple for nothin' ! Rye spiciness is notably muted, but the smoky flavor and oak tones more than make up the balance in the spicy/sweet equation.
Finish: The finish is medium-long with barrel char tones taking more prominence and a taste that I can only relate to the smell of sour mash in a fermenting room....very pleasant, and nice alcohol warmth to boot!

Conclusion:I have to admit, JDSB easily makes my top 5 list of favorite American whiskeys. And believe me, just because I'm a native Tennessean there's no bias here. JDSB happens to be the only Jack Daniel's product I truly enjoy (excluding commemorative and export bottlings).


Buy the Barrel! If you're so inclined you can even buy an entire barrel of JDSB. It'll yield approximately 240 bottles.