While doing some last minute Christmas shopping I happened on a liquor store I hadn't noticed before. Among my purchases was a jar of Georgia Moon. I had always been interested in trying this as well as quality 'shine (made from an all grain or nearly all grain mash) produced by a hobbyist moonshiner with a keen interest in making genuinely good corn likker. None of that bang it out sugar liquor.

My first impression was almost exactly as someone els said; cabbage and body oder. But after letting it aerate a bit in the glass it seamed less intense and more corny sweet/oily. But unfortunately I had that cabbage smell in my nose! Perhaps if I dump the remainder of the Jar into two separate jars and let some oxidization take place and go back to it in a few weeks?

After reading many of the old posts I'm still a bit confused as to whether GM is meant to be a bit well....a bit nasty by going a bit to deep into the tails etc. or if everyones white dog tastes similar, the addition of small grains notwithstanding.

Also I found a website detailing something called Virginia Lightning, Does anyone have any experience with this and how does it compare to GM? also how does quality 'shine compare to these two commercially made products?

incidentally, I have searched and I can't fined any on-line retailers who sell Virginia Lightning. Is It even still made?