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    Fleischmanns Bourbon

    I've been net surfing and saw your web site. I have always loved
    > Fleischmann's bottled in bond Kentucky Bourbon. I know it is not being
    > made anymore. Nonetheless, I have been searching for this Bourbon for
    > years. I have only part of one bottle left and sip it only on special
    > occassions (eg. birth of each of my 4 sons). Do you have any
    > suggestions on how I can find and purchase more of this fine Bourbon?
    > It would not be atypical for a distiller dropping a brand to save a
    > few cases for posterity. How can I get hold of the principles of
    > Fleischmann to inquire if this is possible? Any help would be greatly
    > appreciated. JDG

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    Re: Fleischmanns Bourbon

    Fleischmann's Bourbon was one of the brands sold to the Barton Distillery by United Distillers in 1996. They may still bottle the brand in some markets. Contact the distillery. They may be able to help you but it will be Barton product, not the Fleischmann's you remember. I would suggest checking out estate sales for old bottles or even small liquor stores that may have some in their back room.
    Mike Veach



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