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    Seagram's Benchmark Bourbon

    Hi everyone! My mom gave me a bottle of Seagrams Kentucky Bourbon. How can I tell how old it is? It is still sealed with the reddish label on the cap. Thanks!

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    Re: Seagram's Benchmark Bourbon

    That depends upon a couple of factors. First, what is the size of the bottle? Is it metric or standard? The red stip across the top, does it have a nine digit number on it?

    Seagrams Kentucky plant is not currently in use. I couldn't tell you when itceased operation, but I am sure that someone will stop in and give a more definate answer here.

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    Re: Seagram's Benchmark Bourbon

    the nine digits on the label are 576615855 and it is says 4/5 quart on the lower left of the bottle. Thanks!

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    Re: Seagram's Benchmark Bourbon

    The best that I can tell you is that it is an early eighties or prior bottling.

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    Re: Seagram's Benchmark Bourbon

    4/5 quart bottle makes it pre 1-1-1980. As that is the date metric took over.

    The UPC was developed in 1973 (first scanned in retail in 1974), so it's somewhere in between those dates.
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    Re: Seagram's Benchmark Bourbon

    Thanks you guys, this helps!



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