I have read many posts here over the past few months and I appreciate all the knowledge many of you have given me. Like many people I got started drinking bourbon by trying MM. I am now wanting to broaden my horizons by trying a few others. I just picked up a bottle of WT RB but have yet to try it. I am also a big fan of the microbrew beer industry and have some knowledge of how to use tasting notes. In tasting beer I prefer a beer that is more on the malty side. I also like more of a smooth, sweet but yet full bodied beer. Are there a few bourbons out there that anyone could recommend? The others that I have tried are JB black (ok), Woodford Reserve (which I did not like as much as some others), Elija Craig (ok but not as sweet or smooth as say MM) and EW Vintage 1995 which I liked. One last question is there anywhere in MN to buy the Elmer T Lee? Sorry for not using the correct abreviations.