Sam's in Chicago has to be the best liquor store in the world, at least in terms of bourbon selection. The best stores in Kentucky would be hard pressed to beat it. I was just there today and, if anything, it has gotten even better. One thing I like is that it is one of the few retail stores that sells one-liter bottles. Why do I care? I don't know, because more choice is always better than less, I guess.

So what did I buy? I was bargain shopping today, so I picked up:

Old Fitzgerald, bottled in bond, 1 Liter -- $18.79
Old Rip Van Winkle, 10 yr. 107 proof -- $22.79
Old Charter 12 yr. 90 proof -- $17.49

They also had the new 1.75 L Knob Creek, which is a giant version of their trademark flask bottle. Very cool. I also noticed that Sam's has about 10 different brands of rye, including two different Van Winkles, and Old Portero at $93.

Sam's has a great online store too, but they don't have the full in-store selection listed. If you want something special, email them.

This sounds like an ad, so I should say that I have no connection or affiliation with Sam's, except for giving them a lot of my money.

--Chuck Cowdery