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    Re: Shopping at Sam\'s

    Was all set to shop at Sam's then found out they are not able to ship to New Jersey. What a Bummer.
    Ended up shopping at www.internerwines.com. Pretty good selection. Not the cheapest. But hey! they ship to NJ.
    Laid in some Pappy 23yr., Pappy 20yr., Old Rip Van Winkle 15 yr., A.J. Hirsch 20 yr. and some Jack Daniel's Single Barrel ) I know, I know its not bourbon but hey I cut my teeth on Jack Daniel's and it grew on me)


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    Re: Shopping at Sam\'s

    You're right; Jack Daniel's is not bourbon. It's not even the best Tennessee whiskey (and since there's only two, you know where that puts it). But there aren't many bourbons that equal the character and smooth intensity of JD's Single Barrel. (Of course, they would include all the other ones you just bought)

    -John Lipman-



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