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    Michael Jackson has Parkinson's Disease

    Famed whisk(e)y writer Michael Jackson has Parkinson's Disease, and apparently has suffered its effects for some time.

    Jackson, of course, writes about all varieties of whiskey, including bourbon.

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    Re: Michael Jackson has Parkinson's Disease

    I can only offer my best wishes to Michael and his family. I am sure that I echo the entire communities hope that he is able to continue pursuing his passions in life. He has contributed greatly to the appreciation and understanding of our favorite pastime.

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    Re: Michael Jackson has Parkinson's Disease

    I met Mr. Jackson at the a whisky show at Tavern on the Green in 2006. He was a great guy and wonderful to speak to. I wish him the best.

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    Re: Michael Jackson has Parkinson's Disease

    Wow, tragic news. Thanks for posting, Tim. I hadn't heard.

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    Re: Michael Jackson has Parkinson's Disease

    I've had the wonderful experience of attending several of his scotch tastings over the years. He is a delightful, charhing man. My best wishes go out to him.
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