My wife (bless her beautiful heart) told me that she thought she saw the BTAC in a local liquor store for $49 each. I called them and asked, and the manager said he'd never heard of it. Well, she was pretty sure, since we'd seen it in another store for $65/bottle. So, we hopped in the car and went over to take a look.

Sure enough, they had 4 of the 5 (turned out they had sold out of the Stagg), so I grabbed a bottle of WL Weller and went to the counter to buy it. I told them that THIS was the BTAC. The manager said their distributer had referred to it as the "Sazerac Antique Bourbon Collection".

Anyway, he is a fan of bourbon, so I pointed him to, since this is where I've learned all I know about bourbon.

I'm trying out the WL Weller now (thanks to recommendations from several on this board ). Wow!

Hmm. Maybe you CAN have too many smilies in a post