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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    originally posted by TN Bourbon
    "I've never had much taste for Jack Daniel's, as whiskey,anyway."

    Lord it is awful tasting rot gut isn't it? Often commonly referred to as Bourbon, it gives the stuff a bad name to those who believe the hype and never look further! Tom V

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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    GT Stagg - 2006 release

    Hot dag gone this is some mighty nectar! Tell me this glorious liquid did not fall from the hands of heaven.

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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    Very Old Barton 86 proof. This bourbon is really nice. It is easy to drink, very smooth. This bottle has a price label on it under ten bucks. I think I like this better than the more expensive bourbons.

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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    Quote Originally Posted by TNbourbon View Post
    I don't figure it was any worse than when they dropped it from 90 to 86 some years earlier. But, then, I've never had much taste for Jack Daniel's, as whiskey, anyway. I have a lot of respect for their marketing folks, though.
    Quote Originally Posted by tmas View Post
    ...Lord it is awful tasting rot gut isn't it?..
    Actually, I didn't mean to imply I thought it 'bad', aka 'undrinkable' -- I just don't prefer the taste. Being so young -- 4 to 6 years for the black label -- it is very congeneric, and I prefer some greater essences of oak.
    For mixing with, say, cola, it's preferrable to my Stitzel-Weller, for sure (I have better uses for the good stuff). But, it's way too expensive for the young whiskey that it is, the price held up only by its successful marketing and the demand thus created.

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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    I actually had some JD black label last night. I had read the ''Bourbon in my bananas" thread and wanted to explore that note. First I poured myself about 10 ml. I wasn't sure that I wanted more than that. But it kind of hit the spot so I had a full shot.

    After that I had a couple of pours of OGD BIB. Much nicer. I finished the night off with VWFR Rye 13 year old. Holy Mother of God is this Good! (He says reverently.)

    There are no letters on the label so I think this must really be 13 years old. Does any one know for sure?

    Bourbon makes me happy.

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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    Fresh pour of ER17. It was a toss up between the AHH16 or ER17.

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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    Went through 1.5 bottles of Pappy 20 yr old at last night's party.
    I gave the residual to a good friend who helped us schlep home a giant sign with my son's name on it, as well as, well, just being a great friend all the time. The other reason was that 2 months ago I picked up a bottle of P20 for him that he, of course, paid me for. I gave it to him after we had dinner out with our families. When he was dropping off his niece and getting her stuff out of the back of the SUV, the bottle rolled out onto the driveway and ( as he watched in horror) broke. He never even got it home.

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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    Last night, I began with a Scotch (Aberlour A'Bunadh Batch #15), and then had a pour of William Larue Weller '06 to follow. That turned out to be an excellent pairing... the different sweetnesses of the two complemented one another nicely.

    Tonight, I'm beginning with WTRR 101, and then either EWSB '96 or Rittenhouse BIB for the nightcap.
    Oh no! You have walked into the slavering fangs of a lurking grue!

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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    As my welcome back to the Swamp pour, I'm having the last chunky pour of my bottle of Stagg 05...man it's a rough life bing a college student.
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    I'm no Pappyophile

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    Re: What are you drinking tonight? (Winter '07)

    My first bit of Makers Mark in a while. It's every bit as good as I remember and then some.

    "I've had eighteen straight whiskies, I think that's the record . . ." - Dylan Thomas



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