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    Dowling \"Collector\'s Edition\"

    I received an inquiry today about a bottle of Dowling Distillery "Collector's Edition," a 21-year-old bourbon the person acquired in 1980 (presumably bottled in that year or thereabouts). Photo is attached. Here is my reply. Anybody have a different theory?

    "Your bottle is probably exactly what the label says it is. If it was 21 years old in 1980, that means it was distilled in 1959. This probably makes it a product of the D.L. Moore Distillery, RD#23, in Mercer County. The Dowling family owned that distillery from 1889 until Prohibition and operated it as Dowling Brothers. After Prohibition it apparently changed hands several times between the Schenley company and an individual named Bob Gould. I can't tell from my source (Sam Cecil's book) who owned it in 1959 or 1980, but apparently it operated as the Dowling Distillery until it closed and, again, I'm not sure when that was. It seems likely that this was some of the last whiskey from that distillery. The Dowling family was involved in other distilleries, but not that late. This distillery, however, seems to have owned the Dowling name and used it well into your period. This seems like the best candidate for your whiskey."

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