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    Fighting cock Bourbon

    I would like to send or hand carry miniatures of Fighting Cock Bourbon to Scotland for the Millineum Reunion of the 43 Squadron
    "Fighting Cocks." I flew with the Fighting Cocks at RAF Leuchars, Scotland as a USAF Exchange Officer in the 1970s, and the Emblem
    of the Squadron is similar to the emblem on the bottle of Fighting Cock Bourbon. Beside that, I like to take a little of America with me
    when I return to Scotland. They are proud of their Scotch Whiskey, and I am proud of our Bourbon Whiskey. Does anyone have any
    information of how I could have up to 300 miniatures sent without incurring a huge import tax?

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    Re: Fighting cock Bourbon

    Fighting Cock is (now) made by Heaven Hill. You might want to contact Max Shapira, president of Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. 1064 Loretto Rd, Bardstown, KY 40004-2229 (Company Phone: 502-348-3921) to see about the availability of wholesale lots of miniatures. Also, you didn't mention how long you have until this reunion, but Heaven Hill sells a lot of bourbon in the U.K. and I'd be surprised if they wouldn't be interested in becoming involved in this historic event. I see press and promotional opportunities galore here, and HH might even be willing to provide the miniatures gratis or at cost in return for the coverage. At the very least, someone there should be able to assist you in getting these samples to Scotland without being taxed as a retail product.

    -John Lipman-

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    Re: Fighting cock Bourbon

    John Lipman's advice is 100 percent on target. Max is the head guy, but he is very marketing saavy. If he sees potential there, he'll kick it to his marketing folks and you'll be on your way.

    --Chuck Cowdery



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