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  • ETL

    41 67.21%
  • Eagle Rare 10 year

    20 32.79%
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    Re: Which do you prefer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brennan77 View Post
    I don't know if it's just the bottle I got a hold of, or if it's the change in my palate. But the last 2 bottles of ETL (gold wax) have been way too sweet for me. I think it's a good pour, but it's almost syrupy at times. I voted ER but I've been sipping on a barrel program selection bottle, so it may not be representative of the usual product.

    As I understand, ETL is selected by just picking out the absolute sweetest barrels that they can find. I can not locate the post right now, but I know Elmer has been quoted on the selecion process.

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    Re: Which do you prefer?

    Quote Originally Posted by bluesbassdad View Post
    I enjoy both.

    The spicy flavor of ETL often invites another glass.

    The sweet, cognac-like flavor of Eagle Rare 10 y/o is more like dessert. One is usually enough.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

    I agree with Dave. Both are excellent pours, but I prefer the more luxuriant mouth feel of ETL to ER. To my tastes, ERSB has a lighter body that is less satisfying than ETL. Having said that, however, I'd gladly raise a glass of ER to toast our differences.

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    Cool Re: Which do you prefer?

    Elmer T. Lee, as it is one of my top favorites.

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    Re: Which do you prefer?

    For me Eagle Rare 10yo is the hands down winner. I do quite like ETL though. You really can't go wrong with either drink.

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    Re: Which do you prefer?

    I had to go with ETL but I enjoy ER as well. ETL has a multi faceted flavor in my opinion. ER is a good pour but has only two sides, a clean sweet start and a slightly dry medium length finish. There are times when I want something simpler than my usual choices and ERSB fits perfectly.



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