I don't want to sound like a snob but I don't want my bourbon to have a screw cap. I know I may be passing on some fine spirts but I'll only buy a bottle if I see a cork or sense that a cork does exist under a thick layer of wax. I was only fooled once by MM as I pulled and pulled on that red cap. I don't care if its cheaper, keeps the bourbon longer, or any other reason for the change and I'm not refering to larger bottles of JB,EW etc.,there's just something special about breaking the wax seal and popping a cork on a new bottle. It just adds somthing to the ambiance of a nightly ritual. I see a slow transition to a foil over wax seal and I hope that the bottlers don't think that we would like an easy opening plastic cap underneath the bronze horse on a bottle of Blantons. By my second pour I don't care if there might be a cork chip floating in my liquid gold and by the third I wouldn't notice a dirty sock floating near the edge. Does anyone else feel the same way I do or should I seek therapy?