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    Put a Cork in it

    I don't want to sound like a snob but I don't want my bourbon to have a screw cap. I know I may be passing on some fine spirts but I'll only buy a bottle if I see a cork or sense that a cork does exist under a thick layer of wax. I was only fooled once by MM as I pulled and pulled on that red cap. I don't care if its cheaper, keeps the bourbon longer, or any other reason for the change and I'm not refering to larger bottles of JB,EW etc.,there's just something special about breaking the wax seal and popping a cork on a new bottle. It just adds somthing to the ambiance of a nightly ritual. I see a slow transition to a foil over wax seal and I hope that the bottlers don't think that we would like an easy opening plastic cap underneath the bronze horse on a bottle of Blantons. By my second pour I don't care if there might be a cork chip floating in my liquid gold and by the third I wouldn't notice a dirty sock floating near the edge. Does anyone else feel the same way I do or should I seek therapy?

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    Re: Put a Cork in it

    Quote Originally Posted by Empty Glass View Post
    ...I know I may be passing on some fine spirits but I'll only buy a bottle if I see a cork...
    Then stop it -- really!

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    Re: Put a Cork in it

    I prefer cork over screw caps to. But I sometimes worry about the long term storage of some of my bottles. Your story about pulling on the MM cap reminded me of a similar situation. When ordering WT 101 several times I've gotten the first pour from a fresh bottle where the bar tender, usually a woman, I'm not knocking women here (I married one), twisted and twisted the cap before realizing it was a cork closure.

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    Re: Put a Cork in it

    It's all about what's in the bottle for me. I don't care what you use to seal my bottle, as long as it stays that way, doesn't ever hurt my whiskey and lasts for as long as I feel like keeping the bottle, if the only way you can achieve that goal is with a screw cap, then I'll be fine with that.

    That being said, yes the way a corked bottle opens feels nice, sounds nice, looks nice. How about a synthetic cork, they use them for wines, at least one bottle I know of has a nice plastic stopper over glass that works great.

    I also have a certain fondness for the old metal screw caps as well, but can't think of any domestic whiskies that still use this, although many imports still do (with a nice plastic liner).
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    Re: Put a Cork in it

    I love a cork the best too but I would have to give up Weller 12 if I stayed away from caps. That is something I cannot do.

    When I drink whiskey, I drink whiskey; and when I drink water, I drink water.

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    Re: Put a Cork in it

    I really prefer the cork myself but I don’t let it stop me from picking up something with a screw off cap. We all know that the screw on cap is technically better; the better cap is a fair trade off for the aesthetically pleasing cork imo. I wish more bottles that use the cork would not cover the cork with a sleeve around the neck and just use a strip like Woodford Reserve and a few other brands do.

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    Re: Put a Cork in it

    I used to feel the same way, then I discovered this page... then I tasted Old Rip Van Winkle 15 year... And it dawned on me the meaning of life was to taste every bourbon (and Rye) whiskey available regardless of method the bottle was capped!

    You'll get over it, trust me...

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    Re: Put a Cork in it

    I may be wrong here but on the Maker's Mark...I'm sure they tried corks but because of the high temperature of the wax the bottles are dipped in, it was causing them to pop out, forcing them to use a screw cap.
    I too like the feel of a cork, and prefer cork closure, but I wont turn my back on a bourbon with a screw cap (unless it's SLATE bourbon)
    I've just discovered that SLATE crap has "smooth blended bourbon whiskey" on the label. The only other "blended" bourbon I've seen is Real McCoy, and that is 51% bourbon and 49% GNS, maybe that is which this stuff is so undrinkable. Oh, and it had one of those cool metal screw caps. Bah!

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    Re: Put a Cork in it

    I am firmly in the screw cap camp here. I don't like the aluminum screw caps that they use on scotch, but the steel ones are good. Plastic screw caps are great.

    I am not immune to the aesthetic appeal of corks. The sound and the feel are wonderful and speak of elegance. But if I had a choice of two bottles of the same bourbon, one corked and one with a screw cap, I would choose the screw cap with out even thinking about it.

    Your mention of Blanton's does give me pause. I wouldn't like the Blanton's Horse on a screw cap.

    I'm going to tell a story on myself. When I recork a bottle I usually seat the cork lightly in the neck of the bottle and then strike it with the heel of my hand to drive it into the bottle. Don't try this with a bottle of Blanton's. I can tell you that it hurts. I have done it several times...

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    Re: Put a Cork in it

    You really discriminate against trying a whiskey because of the packaging????? Really???

    I once heard a saying that really summed this type of reasoning up: NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.



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