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    New to the dusty bottle thing...

    First, let me thank all of you for the wealth of wisdom you've shared on this forum. I have searched and found endless amounts of good information, which has led to a few excellent purchases recently, including three bottles of WTRR101 (which, now, I think I might have overpaid for - $28/ea). Unfortunately, I'm now driving all over the city like a madman, seeking dusty bottles...

    Tonight I found five bottles of ER 101. How excited should I be (FWIW, I love ER90, but have never had the 101), and how much should I be willing to spend for them? Also, in a different store, I found two 1L bottles of ER 101. Same questions about those...

    Additionally, I found one gold-veined bottle of Old Weller 107. No "Antique" on label. Bottled in Louisville. I know enough to know I should be fairly excited about that, and probably more than willing to pay the $20 they're asking.

    Finally, I found several bottles that I think all hail from the mid-80s. I've searched for info. on these, but am still not exactly sure what they are and which ones, if any, I should consider purchasing:

    Tom Moore - 1L BIB - 1985(?)
    J.W. Dant - 1L BIB - 1987(?)
    Old Charter - 1989
    Antique - 1986
    Sunny Brook - 750mL/1L both available
    I.W. Harper
    Daniel Stewart
    JTS Brown

    Paul Jones blended whiskey

    All of the above are 80 proof unless otherwise noted. As stated, I believe all are mid-80s bottlings, fake tax strips, no gov't warning, etc. I've read a good deal on the forums, but I'm still not familiar enough with the history of these whiskeys or the various distillers with which they have been associated to make educated purchases.
    Based on what I've read, I'm inclined to think the two BIB are worth trying. Likewise the Brown and Harper, but any insight is appreciated.

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