Well, an evening driving the most dilapidated and (seriously) dangerous liquor store strip in town has yielded the following: two bottles of Old Fitzgerald BIB (1993?), a 1.75L bottle of Cabin Still from 1988 (which would be S-W whiskey, I think?), and three 1L ER 101 bottled in Louisiana.
I've also turned up some stuff I may buy if I decide I have the coin (which I don't):
2 ORVW 10yr/107
ORVW 15yr/107
AAA 10-yr old 90 proof (I understand current bottlings are 86-proof, and I know the 10-star is 90, but these are 10-yo, unless I misread, and have a black label...couldn't find a date on these 1.75L plastics)
Baker's (older label-style)
a dozen or so Old Forester BIB in the dimpled bottles - both 750mL and 1.75L
15 or so of the special edition JB Black bottles (identical to the OGD 114 bottle) issued in (I think) 2003.
a 90-proof, 6-yo T.W. Samuel's Bourbon in a 1.75L plastic bottle (no date that I can find on it).

I realize some of the above are more special than others, and I will be buying what I can when I can while they're there, but there are just too many damn bottles...