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    Re: What's in your bunker?

    In comparison to when I first posted this question, my bunker has grown considerably. Many bottles from the generosity of SB.com members. Here's the latest tally.....

    A.H. Hirsch

    Basil Hayden

    Blanton's Gold

    Blanton's Silver

    Blanton's Straight From The Barrel


    Eagle Rare

    Elmer T. Lee

    Evan Williams 1783

    Evan Williams Single Barrel (1990)

    Evan Williams Single Barrel (1992)

    Evan Williams Single Barrel (1996)

    Evan Williams Single Barrel (1996)

    Evan Williams Single Barrel (1996)

    Evan Williams Single Barrel (1997)

    Fighting Cock

    Four Roses Single Barrel

    Four Roses Small Batch

    Four Roses Yellow Label

    George T. Stagg

    Henry McKenna BIB

    J.T.S. Brown

    Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

    Jim Beam Black 8 Year

    Maker's Mark (1L)

    Old Bardstown

    Old Bourbon Hollow BIB

    Old Charter Proprietors Reserve

    Old Fitzgerald 1849

    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

    Old Forester Signature

    Old Grand Dad BIB

    Old Pogue

    Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year

    Old Weller 12 Year

    Pappy Van Winkle 15 year

    Pappy Van Winkle 20 year

    Rock Hill Farms

    Van Winkle Family Reserve Lot B

    Very Old Barton 100

    Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12

    Virginia Gentlemen

    W.L. Weller 12 Year

    W.L. Weller Antique

    W.L. Weller Centennial (Frankfort)

    W.L. Weller Centennial (Louisville)

    W.L. Weller Special Reserve

    Wathens Single Barrel 10 Year

    Wild Turkey 8 year

    Wild Turkey 12 year

    Wild Turkey Kentucky Spririt

    Wild Turkey Rare Breed

    Wild Turkey Tribute

    William LaRue Weller


    Eagle Rare 17

    George Dickel #12

    George Dickel Barrel Select

    Rittenhouse Rye BIB

    Sazerac 18

    Thomas H. Handy

    Ancient Ancient Age 10 yr
    Cabin Still
    Canada Dry Stitzel Weller
    Cream of Kentucky
    Eagle Rare 101 10 year
    Fleischmanns Blended
    Heaven Hill 80
    Hiram Walker Ten High
    I.W. Harper 15 year
    I.W. Harper Gold Medal
    Jim Beam Black Label
    Jim Beam White Label 1982 bottling
    Old Charter 12 YO 90 proof
    Old Charter 8 year
    Old Charter 7 year
    Old Crow
    Old Fitzgerald BIB
    Old Fitzgerald Prime 80
    Old Fitzgerald Prime 90
    Old Forester 86
    Old Forester Bottled in Bond
    Old Forester Bottled in Bond (dimpled sides)
    Old Grand Dad 86
    Old Grand Dad BIB
    Old Rip Van Winkle 15 year
    Old Setter
    Old Taylor 80
    Old Taylor 86
    Old Taylor BIB
    Rebel Yell (Louisville, S-W)
    W.L. Weller Centennial (Louisville)
    Wild Turkey 8 year 101
    Wild Turkey 86.8
    Wild Turkey Russell Reserve 101

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    Re: What's in your bunker?

    G.t.s. 140.6

    Crabgrass can grow on bowling balls in airless rooms, and there is no known way to kill it that does not involve nuclear weapons.
    Dave Barry

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    Re: What's in your bunker?

    Considering I only recently latched on to the concept of "the bunker", mine is modest currently, but Im slowly working on it.

    Pappy 20
    AH Hirsch 16 x 2 (foil)
    WT 101 (it was a rescue)
    Eagle Rare 10 (1.75L)
    El Tesoro Anejo (still a soft spot for Tequila)

    Open bottles include:
    AH Hirsh 16
    WT Kentucky Spirit
    Buffalo Trace
    Thos. Handy Rye

    I suspect the WT 101 will soon be joining the ranks of the open bottles.

    ECONOMY, n. Purchasing the barrel of whiskey that you do not need for the price of the cow you cannot afford”
    - Ambrose Bierce

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    Re: What's in your bunker?


    I'm new to alcohol. I've recently acquired:

    Dickels 12 yr old.
    JB white
    JB black




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