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Thread: wheat bourbon?

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    wheat bourbon?

    Can one of the wheated bourbon fans tell me what they like most about them. I dont dislike them, I guess I just dont understand the appeal. They always seem to boring for me, like they are missing something( rye I know). Thanks.

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    Re: wheat bourbon?

    Personaly I don't care much for lower proof wheaters, Weller 12 being an exeption. Weller antique 107 is my favorite. I find at that proof point it has enough flavor to carry the experiance through. I love the carmel/pecan pie sweetness. Or should I say "impresion of sweetness". If you find them boring try some of the higher proof offerings, assuming you have not already. Makers Mark is boring!

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    Re: wheat bourbon?

    If you like rye... great, so do I. But I also like wheaters. Not sure why; maybe it is the contrast to the rye types. Love the soft finish and the melding of the nose, with the taste, with the finish.

    I enjoy them both. Often depending on my mood.

    On reflection, one of the things I value most in a bourbon is balance. Hard to describe what this means but I know it when I find it. Some wheaters have this for me: Weller Centennial for WLW or example. But some ryes have the same: I love OGD 114 and WT 101, for example.

    If I figured all this out I would probably end up drinking only one or two "perfect" bourbons... and what fun would that be?
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    Re: wheat bourbon?

    Ever try Pappy 15 or 20? That's what made me a wheater fan!

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    Re: wheat bourbon?

    Quote Originally Posted by upstate View Post
    Can one of the wheated bourbon fans tell me what they like most about them...
    The best wheaters -- think the Van Winkles, older Old Fitz BIB, S-W Wellers -- have the sweetness and nuttiness of the wheat, but also some of the spiciness one usually associates with rye. Whether this comes from the wood -- wheat can better tolerate longer aging, generally, than rye-recipe whiskeys -- or from the specifics of Stitzel-Weller's copper still is debatable, but the combination is alluring.



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