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    Glad I found this place. I'm heading to Ekron, KY today to see what I can find out as the information about Pebbleford Bourbon is sketchy. Any information not found in the current closed thread would be appreciated. I found the best way to research is knocking on doors and visiting stores and such. I have visited Ekron several times and just found out at one time there was some sort of operation in that area. I suspect the old Derby Tank Car Company used to be Pebbleford. There is a map on both inside covers of Bluegrass, Belles and Bourbon showing Ekron as a bourbon producer.

    Our family is originally from Lebanon / Pleasant Run area of Kentucky. My grandfather operated a sawmill, brick factory and built the old Pleasant Run Methodist Church. The rest of the family worked for the L&N R/R. They all had a slug of bourbon daily.


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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to the site, Stave.
    I had a neighbor that worked at the distillery at Ekron for a time, he moved away and is not handy for questions.
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    Cool. Did he give you any useful information?

    There is a little store in Ekron. I'm visiting there in the morning with some of the local old time coffee drinking historians. Maybe they can help me....
    I'll be armed with the camera and recorder. Its just a rock skip from my house.




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