I have questions about two brands I spotted this week.

One is Hill & Hill. I have seen it mentioned in passing, but am curious who would have been distilling and/or bottling it in 1985, as I passed on two bottles of it at a hole in the wall. Should I return and pick them up (80 proof, if that helps). A search for this on the board turns up every thread with Heaven Hill or Rock Hill Farms in it.

The second is Old Heaven Hill. I found a 1.75 of Old HH BIB bottled in 1994. Distilled and bottled at Heaven Hill. I bought it b/c it was cheap ($14), bonded, and I haven't seen this brand here in Texas. From what I've ascertained on the board, it's probably decent whiskey. My question about it is, basically, is this stuff still produced, and if so, is it any good today? Related, where is it distributed? I might like to get a current bottling if it's still around and if it might be significantly diff., so I can do a side-by-side.

Thanks for any insight.