Last weekend I broke under the stress of being out of one of my favorite mid-price bottlings, and at the same time I had a hankering to try Saz Jr. I went to Binny's website, as I had done several time since I moved here, and placed the order. Four days later I received a phone call advising me that Binny's stopped shipping to Arizona two months ago.

I was only partly surprised. After all, Sam's had never been willing to ship to me here, and Hi Time had ceased abruptly a year or so ago.

Unless I'm willing to order from Sportsman's in Phoenix, whereby I would pay Arizona's inflated prices, Arizona sales tax and shipping cost, I'll just have to learn to live with the limited selection here. What the heck; maybe I can convince myself that a $20 bottle of WT 101 tastes better than the $13 version I used to buy (on sale) at the corner drugstore when I was back in Long Beach.

Maybe it's time to visit my son in Huntington Beach again.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield