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    Re: Arizona Goes Dry


    Wink, wink! Nudge, nudge!

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield
    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Re: Arizona Goes Dry

    Sorry to hear that. Even though shipping restrictions are by no means a new thing itís still absolutely ludicrous that you should be prohibited from shipping something that is perfectly legal in all 50 states to another state. Whatís worse is the fact that the only logical explanation for this would be that it is in the name of maximizing revenue for the state. Thatís the government for yaÖ

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    Re: Arizona Goes Dry

    Beverage alcohol is the one, big, glaring exception to the Commerce Clause. It may be the only one.

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    Re: Arizona Goes Dry

    Quote Originally Posted by bluesbassdad View Post
    ... given that grocery stores here sell all alcoholic beverages, but it suggests that sale of alcohol is considered a viable business here for the foreseeable future.
    Dave, like most things in government today, I'd bet my bottom dollar the sole issue here is taxation, not prohibition. They don't want to stop you from buying your favorite libation, they just want their cut. All states are working through the taxation implications of all internet sales right now, not just liquor. It just hits the forefront because it's already so highly regulated.

    On a related note - I scored the only case of GTS '06 to ship to Ohio this year!!!!! (According to the State Liquor Commission) WoooHoo!!!!

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