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    The Spirit of Kentucky

    Here's a old map that's inside the book "The Spirit of Kentucky"

    Copyright, 1945 Glenmore Distilleries Company, Incorporated, Louisville Kentucky by James Boone Wilson...

    The little barrels represent the location of one or more distilleries in Kentucky

    Notable interest on this map...

    My Old Kentucky Home...I hope most of ya have seen it from trips to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival and the Sampler?

    Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and boyhood home...In Hodgenville and in Athertonville.

    Natural bridge...quite impressive

    "Mamoth Cave" the largest cave in the world. 350 miles of chartered tunnels.

    Tobacco (disappearing at a fast rate) we used to have tobacco crops everywhere.

    Kentucky Colonel with his hand lifted to "Welcome" everyone

    Thoroughbred horse farm...I would like to have seen the "twin spires" there but I'm bias as hell

    Fort Knox is noted with "U.S. GOLD---good to see it. Seems as if no one relates Kentucky with Fort Knox, Patton Museum, and Gold to back our U.S. currency.

    Uncle Tom's cabin is there.

    Note the Jefferson Davis monumtent...

    Old Iron Furnace where Bessemer Steel process was discovered...

    Thoroughbred Hogs?...

    and I hate...hate...hate...to say this but it's noted on this map...Richmond...home of the "witch" Carrie Nation...I was gonna substitute a letter in her pre-intro but I'm wearin' my halo today and yes, Jim...I "still" have one

    Thought some of ya would enjoy seeing this old stuff

    Bettye Jo
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