This thread is not (yet, anyway) about my essays in the bourbon, rye and whiskey sour.

But something that seems a little unusual occurs to me and I will start with that.

We have seen in another thread many expert comments on the Margarita. Even though I am a neophyte in matters tequilan, I can see it is a fine drink and I intend to experiment further.

Yet, reading the posts, another thing becomes evident: the recipes are essentially what you would do to make a whiskey sour if the tequila was replaced by whiskey. The key to both drinks, apart from the spirit, is some element of citrus and some element of sweet (even in a dry Margarita since triple sec or curacao are sweet). Orange plays a role of course in the Margarita but not necessarily in the closely related tequila sour.

In other words, why don't we see informed discussions here of the bourbon or rye or blended whiskey sour? At one time these drinks were a byword for whiskey appreciation in America. They have, seemingly, fallen off the map, to be replaced (I suggest) by tequila sours and Margaritas. For some reason the latter have become fashionable and the good old whiskey sour is grandad's drink if that.

Yet, made with fine whiskey, I suspect the whiskey sour is as good or better than any tequila-based sour.

Whiskey sour, come home.