So, this past weekend my wife and I were down in Atlantic City, NJ. We went to dinner at a restaurant called Red Sqaure which exists in the new wing of the Tropicana called The Quarter. VERY cool area. Nice restaurants and a very lively and social atmosphere. Red Square has 150 different vodkas and even a giant cooler to go drink them in if you are so inclined. Vodka isnt my thing, but my wife loved the martinis. The cool thing was that tey infuse their own vodka. They had 3 large glass jars with vodka being infused. One was passion fruit and strawbeerries, hot peppers and other vegetables (I tried a bloody mary with this, WOW!), and a cherry cordial one. The last one my wife fell in love with it. It was vodka soaking in chocolate chips and maraschino cherries with the juice included as well. It really was a dessert drink, but pretty darn tasty. What happened next? We came home Sunday and I had to order a large glass jar with a spigot to try and make this concoction at home now! Anyone ever infuse their own vodka? Probably the wrong place to ask, but curious if anyone here has.