I've never had RHF, but I have found a store nearby that has one bottle priced at $26. I'm looking at the bottle, and I'm not sure... It is an older bottling, but it's not in the box and there's no gold chain. The glue strip where the plastic gold piece should be stuck to the front of the bottle is there. There is a plastic seal around the neck of the bottle, but it is plain plastic, no colored strip of paper/labeling. This is a low-rent store with two bottles that cost more than JB Black: this Rock Hill Farms and a single bottle of Hancock's Reserve, also priced at $25.99. I'm trying to decide if perhaps the whiskey in this bottle is not the whiskey that was originally in the bottle, and if it's worth my money. Having not looked at older bottlings, I'm not sure if what I'm looking at is what the bottle should look like (obviously, I know the cheesy gold decor should be there, but the plastic on the neck?). I just don't trust that price, even if it's old stock they want to unload (after all, their Cabin Still from the early 90s is still $29.99 for a 1.75L). Thoughts?