The following is a continuation from the General Bourbon Discussion page:

Doug, perhaps you can help me on this. For your scotch rebarreling you added a good amount of GNS before going into the barrel. Why didn't you do this to increase the entry proof of your Ancient Age experiment?

What I'm wondering for my rebarreling is if I should add some GNS. I'm hesitant. That's one reason why I've decided to throw in the OP. Not only is it a fine distillate, but it's pure rye. I want the rye whiskey effect as an end result.

This feels all a tad silly to be thinking so precisely. I don't know what'll come out the other end, using such a small barrel and all...

More to come on this, but not for a little while as I'm waiting for the sunlight to come through my window in the spring/summer (more silliness?).

Any comments are more than welcome!