Those looking for a local snack to accompany a whiskey (somehow, bourbon and water iced seems to go best with these) might consider one or more of the following, some of which are classics, some of which are barely known (I suspect) outside their immediate area. I invite people to comment or suggest additions for the list:

- Made-Rite's loose meat sandwich from Iowa and beyond

- Beef on a Weck from Western New York State (weck is a salty, crusty roll)

- Bierock from Kansas (beef and kraut in a pocket of bread)

- Runza from Nebraska (similar to above)

- Club Sandwich (originally associated with Manhattan)

- Cuban Sandwich (Miami classic, pork and ham sliced thinly with pickle on a crusty roll)

- Hoagie (Philadelphia classic mixed deli meats sandwich, origin of the name unclear, may refer to a sandwich made for men who worked on nearby Hog Island)

- Horseshoe and the variant, Pony Shoe Sandwich (specialty of Springfield, Illinois)

- Hot Brown (turkey sandwich specialty of Louisville and environs)

- Mufuletta (New Orleans specialty)

- Cheese Steak (Philly again, everyone knows this one)

- Peameal Bacon Sandwich (Ontario)

- Smoked Meat Sandwich on rye (Montreal)

- Corned Beef and Pastrami on rye (New York, elsewhere).

- pork tenderloin sandwich (Mid-west, apparently developed from the European schnitzel)

- pork chop sandwich (Mid-west)

Many of the above were drawn from Internet research.