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    BOTM, 2/07: Pappy Van Winkle 20yo

    Ah February, the season of romance. An opportunity for lovers to rekindle the passions and desires that brought them together. It is a time for reflection and rediscovery. We are all gathered here today to join in a common devotion: an appreciation for aqua vitae; the American eau de vie that is Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. A good bourbon allows us to exchange, for a moment, our individual life issues for friendship and conversation. But when it's a great bourbon, a cruel mistress she can be. Your thoughts infected with the memories of that last sip, and an uneasy feeling that you may never again find as good a bottle, or be able to afford it. But she is worth every penny, and in the end you would pay twice as much for her company. Such is the nature of the bourbonian.

    In honor of February and our love affair with fine bourbon, Straightbourbon.com is recognizing one of our favorites as bourbon of the month: Pappy Van Winkle 20yo.

    Like the old Maker's Mark ad states, "It tastes expensive, and is." While superb bourbon in its own right, it is made that much better by our friendship with Julian and his openness with Straightbourbon.com. While most of us would agree that any Stitzel-Weller is good whiskey, Pappy 20 is something special. Not long for this world in its current form, Pappy 20 is like tasting history, hearkening back to good ol' days long gone. I have had the pleasure of enjoying a drink of Pappy 20 with Julian and many of my friends from Straightbourbon.com. I hope to enjoy one with the rest of you soon.

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