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    Current Vodka Advertising

    I don't know if anyone saw the ad for Grey Goose, Anjou Pear on page 13 of the New York Times' Sunday Styles section.

    It is a sophisticated example of modern advertising and probably is based on research on the social attitudes and expectations of high-income consumers in large metropolitan areas.

    The black and white ad has an understated plainness and recalls consumer ads of high-end products from the 1950's and 60's. It is mostly textual. The only image is a photo of the bottle with the pear charmingly nestled against it. So right away there is an appealing, retro, "solid" (but not stodgy) feel to it.

    The copy is written in a somewhat stilted, formal-sounding English. It took me a minute or so to realise it was probably intended to sound (albeit vaguely) as if translated from French. The copy speaks grandly of the "Maitre de Chai", "whose expertise is steeped in the tradition of Cognac houses" (master of the barrels). It is he who oversees the preparation of the good vodka that informs this fine blending of pear liquor and wheat-based vodka. Specifically, he is responsible for "uniting" [probably taken from the French verb "reunir"], "a variety of natural resources to create the signature characteristics of Grey Goose vodka".

    Following this elegant-sounding, foreign theme, the ad at the end states, "In regard to final results, [En ce qui regarde le resultat final...?] Grey Goose Vodka and Anjou Pear will be feted at receptions and gatherings throughout the year". This satisfying, somehow inevitable-sounding conclusion is preceded by flowery, charming language such as e.g., that the "tender wheat" is "among the world's finest" and is "the same wheat used to create the finest French breads and pastries". Mais zut alors!

    Also, the piece is set up in a minor key as a gentle pastiche of a newspaper review of a society wedding. Thus, "Anjou Pear has chosen to change its name to Grey Goose La Poire Flavored Vodka". And, "In attendance were family members Grey Goose L'Orange and Grey Goose Le Citron...". Clever indeed.

    I have to admire (really) this kind of sophisticated modern advertising, I am sure a lot of thought went into it. Hopefully the product will live up to the billing!

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