Revisiting the regular (blended) Jameson and this is one fine whiskey.

There is no question it has been improved in recent years. I found 5-10 years ago it was too light; not anymore.

It has a rich, sweetish ("mealy") taste with a soft echoing finish. There are hints of sherry and smoke (from bourbon barrel?) and all melding to a harmonious result.

I have a bottle of Green Spot (pure pot still) and the Jameson reminded me strongly of the Green Spot. (One is $25 here, the other $85). They both have that intense, pure pot still taste which is perfumed, a little waxy. But the Jameson's balance is much better, it has a sweetish complex richness the other one doesn't. I wonder if some single malt is added to achieve this.

However it is done, this is a fine, traditional whiskey and a great value.