I think regular Jameson is fine, and has improved in recent years. I think Murray's rating is a bit off, and I think it gets that score because Jim think he had something to do with a tweak in the recipe.

Funnily enough, Irish Distillers don't have a huge amount of stock, so the whiskey that goes into the regular Jameson has gone from 6 to 8 years of age, to 5 to 7 years. I think they've slightly increased the amount of pot still in it.

I thought I didn't like the Jameson 18 a huge amount, but I tasted it in a lineup recently and thought it was superb.

Gillman - $85 is a lot to pay for Green Spot. It sells over here for the same price as a Jameson 12.

If you like the Jameson range, they're releasing a "Jameson Vintage". It will be around the same price as the Midleton VR, maybe $20 or $30 cheaper. They are also changing the bottling of the Jameson Gold and selling it on a more general release (it was previously made for the Duty Free market).