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    What are the Stars in your Collection

    For those that have a bunker or a small collection, what bottles are you most proud of or have the most sentimental value?

    Very Extra Old Fitzgerald (Not For Sale)

    Springbank 1966 Local Barley

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    Over the past couple of years I've added several "keepers' but I'm afraid I may keep sitting on them ,never taste.
    Jos. Finch
    Henry Clay
    Pappy 23
    BT Experimental Collection
    WT 12
    ORVW 15
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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    Pappy 23
    Wild Turkey 17yo Japan
    Wild Turkey Freedom signed by Jimmy
    Makers Mark RWB signed by Bill
    Crown Royal XR

    These are bottles that I can't see being replaced, maybe another Pappy 23 one day......

    There seem to be a few honorable mentions I left out, like Makers Mark Gold Wax 101 (thanks Troy), Booker's 10th Anniversary;
    Wild Turkey... 8yo 101, 12yo 101, Rare Breed (WT-01-97) (All signed by Jimmy)
    ...Kentucky Legend SB Barrel Proof
    ...Tribute US & Jpn
    Jim Beam Gold Label
    06 BTAC
    my Jack Daniels "Family Of Fine Whiskey" cabinet signed by Jimmy Bedford
    and more than a few other JD collectable bottles

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by jsgorman View Post
    ...what bottles are you most proud of or have the most sentimental value?..
    Ah, there's the rub: if you mean "too proud of to open", then the answer is, I don't have any. As for sentimental value, I have a handful of birthyear bottles that I've 'collected' because they are of that year but, again, my intention is to open them at an SB.com gathering nearest my next milestone birthday.
    All that said, I DO have a bottle or two that might cause a second glance when you spot it:
    • Old Fitzgerald 5yo BIB (4/5-quart), S1947/F1952
    • Very Old Fitzgerald 8yo BIB (4/5-quart), F1956/F1964
    • Century Bonded BIB (half pint), S1950/S1955
    • J.W. Dant BIB (quart), S1953/F1957
    • Old Grand-Dad BIB (4/5-quart), S1957/F1961
    • Old Fitzgerald 6yo BIB (4/5-quart), Fall 1959/Fall 1965

    I have a couple of decent open bottles, too.

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    I guess the "stars" are the ones I can't get anymore, to be consumed wisely. Saz 18 2003 is probably at the top of that. ORVW 15 and (old) 10 yr/107. ER 101/10 yr. has a good suporting role. Fortunately, this board provided enough of a heads up that the WT RR 101 is well bunkered.


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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    ORVW 15 Lawrenceburg. I look at it and wonder how it may taste. Some day I'll know.

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    It may pale in comparison to some, but.

    WT Tribute
    BTAC '06
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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    The stars? The best all around are my WT101RRs that I've made an effort to find and bunker. (I've got four in hiding, and one in a state of drinky-ness.)

    I have two Glenmore Kentucky Taverns, which are good drinkin' and the last of their breed. I love cheap bourbon; I'd much rather find bottles of good cheap bourbon than the eighty dollar swill. The KTs were only eight bucks apiece! I've got about four bottles of dimpled Old Forrester BIBs, which are most excellent drinking.

    I've got an Old Fitz BIB that's from the early eighties, that was a complete lone wolf on a lonely shelf, and it's gone the longest of anything in my bunker without being opened.

    Three bottles of Maryland-distilled WT Rye from the mid-seventies. One is being consumed presently; it's very candy like, but the next bottle's going to be better since I busted a cork with this one.

    I have one bottle left of Old Hickory, which is of sentimental value since it's the "Kentucky Bourbon" from Philly (distilled by Publicker) . The bourbon itself is drinkable, but undistinguished.

    Of the recent bourbon-mimicking-Scotch-prices brands, the one that's most worth the premium price, that one that delivers the ultimate premium bourbon experience for my money, isn't a Van Winkle or a Hirsch, but Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit. That is drinking liquid velvet.

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    I consider my star bottles the ones that are not only no longer being made but also ones that you just happen onto. It doesn't really matter how cheap or expensive they are or how good or bad they are perceived to be, they are the ones that spark the excitement of finding them and enjoying a drink in general. One that immediately comes to mind is WT RR101. Its amazing how many years I saw these bottles and never even thought about them unitil I finally tried some and then almost immediately the proof was dropped. A few others are the Colonel Lee 100 and and 80 proof. Even though they are not exactly held in high regard on this forum, I still remember seeing tons of the 100 in Ohio and almost overnight it disappeared. I have only found the 80 proof once in all the places I have been. Another is a bottle of Ancient Age blended whiskey I recently got. I only knew these ever existed about a year ago. I recently bought one that I think is from 1995. Again, it is just the novelty of having one regardless if it turns out good or not so good. Finding bottles of inexpensive brands is most fun for me as it isn't nearly the disappointment and let down of say a 50.00 bottle that isn't what you expected or hoped for. I also like finding some of the duty free only bottles. They are a nice treat over something you can get every day. 2 brands I miss because they were some of the 1st bourbon I drank are Bonded Beam and the Original 90 proof Beam Black label that was aged 101 months. Those bring back fond memories. Don't get me wrong, there is a place in my bunker for every bottle I own, all 100+ of them!


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    Post Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon - 2002
    Rock Hill Farms
    WT Kentucky Spirit

    The Balvenie 15-yr old single barrel

    Remy Martin XO
    Grand Marnier 150th Anniversary

    Self-Styled Whisky Connoisseur



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