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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    I don't have a lot, and what I've got is open. I buy to drink, and looking at a bottle on the shelf that I can't taste would drive me crazy. I'm halfway through my Hirsch 16 gold foil (I've never tried the wax, and at this point figure I never will) and almost done with my pappy 20. They're the best bourbons in my cabinet and I'm worried about what I'm to do when they're gone.

    That said, after opening my bottle of Anchor Hotaling's I bought two more bottles and packed them away for my kids. It's not bourbon, but I enjoyed it and saw them as limited enough to have novelty appeal when they're old enough to care.

    On a budget it's hard enough to get enough for sipping. Collecting at this point in my life is impossible. I enjoy reading about people's finds though.

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    Pappy 23 bottle signed by Julian

    Lagavulin Distiller's Edition brought back from England by a friend; it's not available here.

    Highland Park and Bowmore 30 yr olds; still waiting to open.

    Don Julio 1942 Tequila; the bottle looks like an agave leaf.

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by bigtoys View Post
    Don Julio 1942 Tequila; the bottle looks like an agave leaf.
    That's a great tequila. Very easy to enjoy, but also doesn't swamp the agave with wood relative to other uber-anjeos...

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    All of them are of course stars but these babies are ones I really have a special place for...

    GTS 2003 (Holy S*^t only 1 bottle left!)
    RHF (Always a star)
    Pappy 23
    Pappy 20
    Hirsch 16YO Gold Wax
    WT 12YO
    GD 12 (Just for it's sheer love it or hate it impudence!)
    Last edited by Ambernecter; 02-18-2007 at 14:31. Reason: Edited for spelling!

    I guess good whiskey really does tickle my pickle!

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    Well, all my bottles are there to be consumed eventually (and/or if I live that long). By the way, anyone who lives in upstate NY drop me a PM and perhaps you can help me work my way through a couple of them.

    I suppose the stars are the ones I have put aside for special occasions. I have a Springbank 1966 Local Barley that gets opened on June 1st to celebrate our last mortgage payment; hallelujah! A Springbank 25 (dumpy bottle) will be popped open for the occasion of my nephew's retirement from the Navy after 25 years of service. That event occurs at the end of June. I have a Balvenie vintage cask (1966) that I am saving for my mother's 90th b'day (she is of a fine vintage and one terrific lady to boot), but that's still three years away.

    There are other little gems that sit patiently until the ideal occasion just happens upon us (like the Hirsch 16 for my daughter's first steps at 16 months. Maybe a bit corny, but well worth celebration).

    One of my brightest stars is my Pappy 15. A little dab on the finger is the perfect cure for my daughter's teething pains. Nothing on any drugstore shelf has the curative powers of the Pappy. Don't be surprised if you see her name as a SB.com member on this forum in another twenty years.

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    The best I've got:

    WT Tribute (with 2 bunkered)
    Pappy 20
    Sazerac Rye 18
    2005 Stagg
    WT 12
    Ardbeg Uigeadail

    To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

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    Re: What are the Stars in your Collection

    I have a VanBlankle that I will get around to opening one day.

    I bought a W.L. Weller here recently that is my Baby Bottle. When my wife and I have a baby its the one that will be busted out to celebrate the occasion.



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