I have never tasted Private Cellar, but it is on every bottom shelf in town. I did a search, which yielded 4 threads. Basically, what I've gathered from those and from reading the labels is this:

It is availabe only in Texas and/or surrounding areas (?)
There are 80- and 90-proof expressions
The 90-proof vatted 50/50 w/OGD 86 is very good (whose suggestion was this?)
It may be Barton whiskey (?)
It is definitely straight bourbon, but priced like and placed with American blends like Kentucky Deluxe.

I'm asking because, basically, Tom Moore and Ten High are the only Barton whiskeys we get here, and while I like the Tom Moore BIB (especially the old bottles I recently found), I'd love to taste something else, particularly if it's a drinkable, cheap bottom-shelf.

Anyone have any input on this stuff?