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    Cleaning bottles for reuse???

    I'm wanting to empty the contents of some 1.75L's I have, or will have, into smaller bottles. I like to store smaller bottles under the counter and really like the Pappy bottle shape. I've already soaked the labels off some Pappy bottles and was wondering if there was a proper way to clean the inside of the bottle before refilling.


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    Re: Cleaning bottles for reuse???

    I have 2 dozen 375ml bottles I use to transfer half full 750ml bottles into. I just use hot water with soap, rinse until soap is completely gone and then let them completely dry out at a downward angle. This works great for me. I am sure you can use small scrub brushes as well...

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    Re: Cleaning bottles for reuse???

    I am a big fan of decanting 750's into 375's as they get low and ceramic decanters into clean 750's.

    When I finish off a 375ml or 750ml I wish to reuse, I just rinse it out thoroughly with hot water and then let drain. That works fine. If the bottle had been sitting bit with residue, then I would be more worried about soap and brushing.

    As one of my buddies said, If I'm not thorough enough with my rinsing, I'd rather leave bourbon residue than soap residue

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    Re: Cleaning bottles for reuse???

    Yeah, if you rinse right after you empty, no problem. Thing is, be careful of condensation, which could lead to bacteria infection. After rinsing thoroughly with hot water, go ahead and rinse with cold water too, or else you'll end up with condensation inside as you drain the bottle.

    If you want to be doubly sure, after you do this, you can use an iodophor solution to sanitize the bottle. The homebrewers' favorite product, around here anyway, is BTF (bartender's friend). You just fill your bottle about halfway with cool to luke warm water, add enough BTF to turn the water the palest shade of orange (a few drops), then fill to the top with more water. If the waters goes clear, add a few more drops. Contact time need only be a few (read; two) minutes, and you're sanitized. And at this light of a concentration, you don't need to rinse; just drain, and it's all good.
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