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    New Maker\'s Mark bottles

    <html>Maker's Mark is releasing two limited edition bottles to close 2001. Here's the scoop from the Ambassador section of www.makersmark.com:

    Red, white and you.
    We promised we would give you advance notice of any special Maker's Mark bottles....so you might want to start staking out your local liquor store. Sometime around the end of November, unusual Maker's Mark bottles will start appearing on retail shelves and in bars and restaurants across America.
    As you know, our red wax-dipped bottle is our trademark. However, in light of the recent tragedies in New York and Washington, D.C., we wanted to do something to express our patriotism. So we are releasing a few special Liter bottles triple-dipped in red, white and blue wax. There will be a total of 42,000 of these bottles in late January, or February making their way randomly onto retail shelves and into bars and restaurants in all states except Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Utah, Alabama, and Mississippi.
    These bottles will be sold to our retailers priced exactly the same as regular 1.0 liter bottles because we are in no way trying to "cash in" on the recent events. We just felt this was a way for us to show our colors. Unfortunately, we can't tell you when and where they will land near you. But we did want to be sure you knew about them so that you could keep a sharp eye out for them. Or, you might want to make sure your favorite retailer knows if you are interested in one!

    It's Cats Versus Cards in Our Newest Bottle
    The secret is out...we are releasing a special-edition bottle throughout the Commonwealth to celebrate a fresh start to an old Kentucky basketball rivalry.
    On Wednesday, December 26, three days before the University of Kentucky Wildcats meet the University of Louisville Cardinals at Rupp Arena; a specially-designed bottle will go on sale at retail liquor outlets throughout Kentucky. The one-liter bottle should sell for approximately $30. Maker's Mark and its distributor Southern Wine & Spirits will donate a portion of their profit evenly between the Tubby Smith Foundation and the Daniel Pitino Foundation. Both charities benefit underprivileged children in the areas of health and education.
    The bottle provides a space on the side of the label to record the final score of the December 29 game, and is double dipped with red and blue wax. Due to a snafu on the distillery bottling line fans will see some bottles dipped with red over blue and some with blue wax over red when they get to the store the day after Christmas.
    Bill said, "We thought we figured out a nifty way to double dip bottles without having to send them through the line twice. On the second day of bottling we inadvertently reversed the wax pots only to realize afterwords that we had some with blue on top and some with red on top. In hindsight we decided to release both versions."
    Where can I get one of these bottles?
    We produced about 40,000 of these bottles and they will be sold accross the state of Kentucky. Historically, our specialty bottles have sold out very quickly. You may want to visit your local liquor store and ask them how many bottles they are getting, or show up bright and early on December 26. For those of you who do not live in the state, you may want to call a friend that lives here and ask them to try and pick you up one.

    Linn, I know you're just heartbroken that neither of these bottles will be available in Virginia.


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    Re: New Maker\'s Mark bottles

    Yep JR you just know I'm in tears over it.

    Good scoop for those that do collect such things. Good reporting on your part in keeping the fourm informed. Thanks for the heads up.

    Linn Spencer

    Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

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    Re: New Maker\'s Mark bottles

    Thanks for the info! I bought a UK/UL bottle this morning (yes, they had some left). Although your post points out that the 2 different types were a mistake, the stores are pushing them as the UK bottle (blue over red) and the UL bottle (red over blue). The cashier told me that the cases are shipped half and half...pretty good marketing, if you live where loyalties are evenly split; but here in predominantly UK-loyal Florence, you can't even give away the UL bottles. ;-)


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    They cannot shut you in...

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