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Thread: German Beer

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    Re: German Beer

    Next time in Holland visit brouwerij `t Ei also in A`dam or else in Haarlem Jopen a way better than Heineken! Eric.

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    Re: German Beer

    I bought a mini-jeg of Grolsch (5 L.), not a German beer, but a brand I enjoy in the regular lager, blond, and amber styles. Wow! It was really good out of that big aluminum can, and it was 2 months out of date! I was impressed with the mini keg experience enough that I am looking long and hard at just such a package of Beck's and Bass.

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    Re: German Beer

    If the hankering for German beer hits while in Indiana, consider the Rathskeller in Indy or the Schnizelbank in Japser.

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    Re: German Beer

    Royal Water,the Grolschbrewery has launched some new beers a limebeer a rosebeer and a whitebeer.The first 2 i haven`t tasted yet but their white beer is very smooth.Eric.



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