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They do other things differently, too. I have been told, on the Whisky Magazine Forum, that some of the Malt in Nikka Pure Malt Black Label is aged in new charred oak barrels instead of the traditional used cooperage. I am planning to visit their Yoichi distillery this month. I will try to ask some questions.

I did go and had a great time. I asked about the peat they use and was told that they used Hokkaido peat, specifically Ishikari peat. They did, way back when, use Scottish peat. I was surprised to learn that they use Scottish barley at Yoichi. Plenty of barley is grown here for the beer industry, so why don't they use native barley? Our tour guide didn't know.

She told us that refill bourbon and refill sherry wood was used in aging Yoichi Single Malt. What surprised me was that they use new charred American oak barrels, too. A number of different barrel sizes as well. I told her that in Scotland they never use new wood to age scotch which surprised her.

I want to go back next month. Our guide told us that the stills will be running then.