Another rookie here that has become addicted to the dark amber nectar we call whiskey. Although bourbon is indeed my favorite I've also found scotchs, ryes, Canadians, and other whiskeys that I enjoy. After lurking on these forums for a while and reading the wealth of fantastic old posts I've started my collection and am trying to keep from having too many open bottles!

Right now the count of open bottles stands at around 15, and by far and away the best has been Pappy van Winkle 20. While I am mostly a bourbon on the rocks type, this was the first bourbon that I *wanted* to drink neat! I recently found a bottle of pappy 15 and was quite eager to try it after hearing the good reviews on here and also after having the good experience with the pappy 20. It didn't taste anything like I thought it would! For me it had a great deal of spicy kick with some burn going down. I've also got a bottle of the VWFR lot B and find it fantastic however. Maybe I am still too sensitive to proof? Maybe I am confusing "spice" with "burn" and/or proof?

The one that got me started was picking up a bottle of Evan Williams SB 1996 early last year. Wow! So this is what bourbon is all about! I've also been saving my pennies and was able to purchase the 06 BTAC and have so far cracked open all of them except for the Handy. Another surprise was not really liking the William Larue Weller 2006. Anyway I look forward to joining you all on the forums and I hope you enjoy my rookie's rankings:

Pappy 20
Sazerac 06
Stagg 06

Evan Williams SB 1996
Buffalo Trace
VWFR lot B
Eagle Rare 06
George Dickel #12
Wild Turkey 101 Rye
Talisker 10 yr

Pappy 15
Baby Sazerac
William Larue Weller 2006
Evan Williams SB 1995
Wild Turkey 101
Makers Mark
Rebel Yell